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dortmund video

Professional Movie of Dortmund meeting

  • Developing a programme of citizenship education, enhancing core curricula in Social Science, Humanities, Languages, Business and Personal Development
  • Strengthening existing and building new community links
  • Enhancing basic skills including literacy, numeracy, linguistic and digital competence
  • Supporting young people to develop motivation and task commitment

The project focuses on the ethical and financial issues associated with Fair Trade, the extent of marketing and the retailing of Fair Trade products in the home area. It will develop entrepreneurship, language and digital skills through engagement within and outside the classroom. The key issues include:

  • Young people’s familiarity with Fair Trade
  • Products and practice in the local area
  • The promotion of Fair Trade products
  • How different European communities interpret Fair Trade
  • How relationships vary between producers and consumers in Fair Trade and non Fair Trade commerce
  • The impact of Fair Trade in producer countries
  • How education can change business practice